Monthly Executive Cybersecurity Lunch

Join us for our monthly executive cyber security lunch hosted by Infonaligy Partners.  We will be discussing the current trends in cyber security, the most recent hacks, the newest threats, and easy tips for helping your company stay a hard target.  Additional topics may range from all the expenses to consider before/after a data breach occurs to the advancement in AI.

Most importantly you will learn how cyber security solutions must encompass not only technical fixes, but also changes in business processes, controls, management and employee behavior.

The speaker will be our CISO, Steve Waters, who started his professional life in Military Intelligence and has overseen cyber security projects in support of the US Army Signal Corps in Afghanistan, Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait.  Steve remains active in Law Enforcement and Department of Defense groups focused on Cyber Security and is passionate about driving Government- and Enterprise- class solutions to the traditionally underserved Small & Medium Business environment.

This lunch session will be held at Capital Grille at the Crescent Hotel in uptown Dallas.  If interested in attending please fill out the form and let us know if you plan to bring a colleague.

Limited Seating Available.

Below are the details for the events:

Capital Grille at the Crescent Hotel in Uptown Dallas

  • Topic:        Cyber Security Trends
  • Date:          March 25th @ 11:30 am -1 pm
  • Address:    500 Crescent Ct, Dallas, TX 75201
  • Details:      Free event with lunch included